Bloomsburg University Alternative Energy Programs

Dr. Ned Greene addressed the club talking about alternative Energy programs at Bloomsburg University.  Ned is a professor in the physics department at Bloomsburg University and has played an active role in alternative energy programs at BU focused on BioFuel and Solar Power.  Ned talked about 4 projects that were successful in moving BU away from the use of fossil fuels towards the use of renewal able fuels.

1.  Biodiesel production—25 passenger BU Transit Bus.  Using a process to turn discarded grease (WVO) into diesel engine fuel saved the campus money in fuel costs and provided a visible example of recycling waste products into a usable energy source.  Unfortunately the newer diesel engines do not burn this type of processed biofuel and therefore this fuel could not be used when the bus had to be replaced.

2. Vegetable Oil furnace at Bloomsburg Recycling Center—WVO is more easily used directly as a heating fuel.   This furnace heats the entire center using WVO

3. Wood Chip Boiler in Bloomsburg University’s Generating plant.—As part of a $2million refurbishment project at the generating plant, 2 coal burning boilers were replaced with a biomass furnace and a natural gas furnace.  Both new boilers have provided considerable fuel cost savings and increased system efficiency.  Fuel cost savings are over $185,000.

4. Solar Array—As an additional  source of electrical energy for the Science and Math Buildings on campus, BU erected a solar array system in December of 2011.  This solar unit sends electricity directly to the grid with DC to AC converters on each panel.

To learn more about the alternative energy programs at Bloomsburg University:

Thank you, Kay for inviting Dr. Greene


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