Our own Linda Nagle Returns from NID visit to India.

Berwick Rotarian Linda Nagle has just returned from India this week where she participated in a National Immunization Day (NID) in the city of Ranahana in the Mehwat District, India. The picture below is a view of her immunization team that traveled to Ranahana to administer polio vaccine to immunize children there. She also participated in a work project to construct a dam to capture monsoon rains that will be used to irrigate and increase crop yields in the region.  

For those of you who know Linda personally,  see how long it takes you to pick her out of the team members in the photo.


Linda is also seen here with a Club banner that she received from an Indian Rotary Club while on her trip.



3 responses to “Our own Linda Nagle Returns from NID visit to India.

  1. Dr. Irvin Wright

    Hi, my name is Irvin Wright, Bloomsburg Rotary. I would like to get in touch with Linda Nagle to invite her to give a presentation to the Bloomsburg Rotary. Can you help?

  2. Dr. Irvin Wright

    This Irvin Wright again. I would like to invite Linda Nagle to a Bloomsburg Rotary Club meeting this Thursday April 26, 2012 at 6:00 PM Bolzano’s Catering. My cell phone is 570-441-1419.

  3. Dr. Irvin Wright

    My name is Irvin Wright from the Bloomsburg Rotary Club. I am writing to invite Linda Nagle to present on her trip to India at our next Rotary meeting on Thursday April 26 at 6 PM at Bolzano’s Catering in Bloomsburg. My cell phone is: 570-441-1419.

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