Farmer’s Night 2016

Farmer’s Night : This was a busy week for Berwick Rotary. On Tuesday 3/8, Berwick Rotary and Berwick Kiwanis held a joint meeting with area farmers at St Mary’s Church. Both clubs have been meeting with the farmers in separate meetings for the past several years, and this year we were able to get together and make it one big night.

Over 35 farmers attended and listened to Bloomsburg Fair President, Paul Reichart, talk about the challenges of making the fair better every year. The Fair is a massive undertaking, a project of great expense and coordination that must be planned out in great detail to be successful every year. The weather is also an added factor that can affect the financial success of the fair each year. A cold spell of wet weather during fair week is very expensive due to the lower turnouts at the gate.


This upcoming year Paul is trying to arrange the dismantling of an old county barn that would then be moved onto the fairgrounds where it would be erected there during fair week as part of an Amish Barn Raising Event. He hopes this to be a fun new attraction for the upcoming fall.

Many thanks to all who helped make this event successful. Both the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs hope to do this again next year.


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