Rotary 4 Way Test Speech Contest

On Thursday 3/10, as part of our regular meeting at the Berwick Golf Club, Bob Lombard chaired our Rotary Four Way Test Speech Competition. Berwick High School teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Glass,  Four_Way_Test_2016_glass-5helped to recruit students at the Berwick High School to participate in our contest again this year. We had 3 students give speeches about the Rotary Four Way Test and all of them did a great job. The students brought family members along as guest to support their efforts.

First place award of $100 went to Desiré Kennedy. Second and third place awards of $50 and $25 went to Rachel Kishbaugh and Dyllan Weaver. Desire will be competing again next month at a Regional competition in State College and if she happens to win that, will continue on to the finals that will be held at the District Conference on April 30th.


Desiré Kennedy, Dyllan Weaver & Rachel Kishbaugh

Congratulations to all the students and thank you to everyone who helped make this a successful contest.


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