Spring Interact Night

Last week, March 31 2106,  our meeting centered on getting back in touch with our Interact Club.  11 members of Interact and their school adviser, Mrs. Kern, joined us for an informative meeting about how Rotary sponsors and supports the High School Club.  Program Chair Cindy Lombard started the meeting describing some of the history involved in starting the Interact and how both of our clubs have worked together on various projects over the past few decades.  The group then divided into three teams of Rotarians and Interacters to brainstorm some ways that we can work together more effectively in the upcoming Rotary year.

Cindy had prepared a set of questions for each team to brainstorm about potential projects we could work on, and how best both clubs could help one another.  There were many great ideas offered up by each team’s Interact spokesperson at the conclusion of the session.

The clubs have decided to focus on a few specific activities next year:

  1.  Having at least 2 Rotary / Interact meetings during the year, one in the fall and one in early spring.
  2. Work together on a joint project during next year’s United Way Day of Caring.
  3.  Host Interact Ambassador’s to attend monthly Rotary Club Meetings
  4.  Work together on the Rotary / Interact Highway Cleanup at the Rt 11 / Rt 80 Ramps

Additional ideas discussed for further research are helping with Special Olympics, and helping Interact with a dance marathon to raise money for PolioPlus.  We are looking forward to some great activities next year that will help both clubs in their goals of providing service both in our community and around the world.


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