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2016 Rabies Clinic

Berwick Rotary sponsored another successful Rabies Clinic at the North Berwick Animal Hospital.  120 animals received rabies vaccine in just under 3 hours on a hot and muggy Saturday.  Rotarian Tom Kowalchick and his staff at the hospital administered the vaccines as club members directed parking, registered clients and ensured the paperwork was in order.

Here are a few photos that highlight the event and our volunteers:


Rotarian Bob Sheranko working hard to coordinate the parking  spots available at the event.


Animals and their owners waiting patiently outside for their turn and getting the vaccine.


Rotarian volunteers Bill Osborne, Chad Hebrink, Jenn Jensen, and Ed Golumb manning the registration table.


Doctor Tom Kowalchick and his staff and the North Berwick Animal Hospital. Without them, this event would not have been so successful.

Thanks to all who helped, participated or promoted this project!


June 30th Road Trip–Wine Tasting

Jodi Alley and Karen Murdock worked last month to put together a little wine tasting tour for our June 30th meeting.  Club members travelled to the Pickering Winery and then to the Three Dogs Vino for a great night of wine tasting and fellowship.


The Pickering Winery is just outside of Lightstreet and offers a nice selection of wines and gifts.  Club members met there first to start our short local wine tour.  The staff at the winery were very gracious and extended their hours to accommodate us there.


Next stop was the Three Dogs Vino  in Bloomsburg.  Members got to sample their  wines and then ended  the night with a picnic dinner out on their expansive deck.

Everyone had a great time and we are all sure to be visiting both wineries again in the near future.

2016-2017 Berwick Officers Installed

The July 7th meeting officially started our first Rotary meeting of the new year.  PDG Dave Ford joined us to induct new officers and board members for the next year.


Shown in the photo from left to right:  PDG Dave Ford,  Incoming President Cindy Lombard, Treasurer Pastor Chad Hebrink, Director Bob Lombard, Secretary Bob Sheranko, President Elect Bill Osborne, Immediate Past President Karen Murdock, and Director Catherine Mentrikoski.

During the meeting President Cindy Lombard outlined her goals for the upcoming year and displayed her plans for making those goals.  Each member has the opportunity to chair 2 club meetings during the calendar year. This should result in some very informative and fun gatherings in the months to come.

Spring Interact Night

Last week, March 31 2106,  our meeting centered on getting back in touch with our Interact Club.  11 members of Interact and their school adviser, Mrs. Kern, joined us for an informative meeting about how Rotary sponsors and supports the High School Club.  Program Chair Cindy Lombard started the meeting describing some of the history involved in starting the Interact and how both of our clubs have worked together on various projects over the past few decades.  The group then divided into three teams of Rotarians and Interacters to brainstorm some ways that we can work together more effectively in the upcoming Rotary year.

Cindy had prepared a set of questions for each team to brainstorm about potential projects we could work on, and how best both clubs could help one another.  There were many great ideas offered up by each team’s Interact spokesperson at the conclusion of the session.

The clubs have decided to focus on a few specific activities next year:

  1.  Having at least 2 Rotary / Interact meetings during the year, one in the fall and one in early spring.
  2. Work together on a joint project during next year’s United Way Day of Caring.
  3.  Host Interact Ambassador’s to attend monthly Rotary Club Meetings
  4.  Work together on the Rotary / Interact Highway Cleanup at the Rt 11 / Rt 80 Ramps

Additional ideas discussed for further research are helping with Special Olympics, and helping Interact with a dance marathon to raise money for PolioPlus.  We are looking forward to some great activities next year that will help both clubs in their goals of providing service both in our community and around the world.

Rotary 4 Way Test Speech Contest

On Thursday 3/10, as part of our regular meeting at the Berwick Golf Club, Bob Lombard chaired our Rotary Four Way Test Speech Competition. Berwick High School teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Glass,  Four_Way_Test_2016_glass-5helped to recruit students at the Berwick High School to participate in our contest again this year. We had 3 students give speeches about the Rotary Four Way Test and all of them did a great job. The students brought family members along as guest to support their efforts.

First place award of $100 went to Desiré Kennedy. Second and third place awards of $50 and $25 went to Rachel Kishbaugh and Dyllan Weaver. Desire will be competing again next month at a Regional competition in State College and if she happens to win that, will continue on to the finals that will be held at the District Conference on April 30th.


Desiré Kennedy, Dyllan Weaver & Rachel Kishbaugh

Congratulations to all the students and thank you to everyone who helped make this a successful contest.

Farmer’s Night 2016

Farmer’s Night : This was a busy week for Berwick Rotary. On Tuesday 3/8, Berwick Rotary and Berwick Kiwanis held a joint meeting with area farmers at St Mary’s Church. Both clubs have been meeting with the farmers in separate meetings for the past several years, and this year we were able to get together and make it one big night.

Over 35 farmers attended and listened to Bloomsburg Fair President, Paul Reichart, talk about the challenges of making the fair better every year. The Fair is a massive undertaking, a project of great expense and coordination that must be planned out in great detail to be successful every year. The weather is also an added factor that can affect the financial success of the fair each year. A cold spell of wet weather during fair week is very expensive due to the lower turnouts at the gate.


This upcoming year Paul is trying to arrange the dismantling of an old county barn that would then be moved onto the fairgrounds where it would be erected there during fair week as part of an Amish Barn Raising Event. He hopes this to be a fun new attraction for the upcoming fall.

Many thanks to all who helped make this event successful. Both the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs hope to do this again next year.

Berwick visits Danville Rotary

Ten Berwick Rotarians recently visited with the Danville Rotary at one of their regular club meetings held at the Old Forge Brewing Company in Danville.  It was a great evening of fellowship and sharing of Rotary Information.  Both clubs described their club projects and opportunities to work together in the future. 


Berwick Historical Society Update – Johanna Naus

April 23, 2015 –  Rotarian Kay Mentrikoski chaired the program this week and invited Gary & Johanna Naus to our meeting. Both Gary and Johanna are very active in the Berwick Historical Society. Gary is the treasurer and Johanna is the Jackson Mansion Coordinator. Johanna did most of the speaking and gave us all quite a bit of information pertaining to the history of the mansion as well as the current activities of the group. naus -1

The society itself was organized when a group of individuals gathered on January 8, 1938. They decided to list objectives and issue a mission statement which basically was to gather and preserve articles and history which pertained to Berwick.  The society met for many years at the old Market St. School, which is now the site of the McBride Memorial Library and later in the 100 block of E. Second St. in Berwick. In 2010, the group and their artifacts moved into the carriage house at the Jackson Mansion. The new location houses an office, museum, library and genealogy room. There are many recourses available for anyone looking for history facts. There are old obituaries, old yearbooks, history books, artifacts, etc.

Jackson Carriage House BL-1

The Jackson Carriage House Museum is open on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11am – 4pm

Much of the mansion has been restored to its beautiful, original condition, thanks to donations and sponsorships. The first room completed was Jane’s room. Jane was Col. Jackson’s daughter. The second room completed was the family dining room. The dining room renovation was made possible by the Berwick Hospital Gift Shop committee. When the gift  shop closed, the members decided to donate their remaining funds to the society. As of today, all of the first floor rooms have been completed using only donations and sponsorships. Many of the upstairs room are complete as well. It is truly an amazing home and the society has done a wonderful job at completing the work and paying attention to details. Luckily, Col. Jackson had photographs taken, which are in the possession of the society, and used for reference.  

There are opportunities for everyone to be a part of the restoration. The society has a long list of sponsors who have donated items and money toward the decoration of the home. If you would wish to donate and become a sponsor, I’m sure Johanna would take your call and Gary would deposit your check. The Jackson Mansion is available to tour on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. There is a fee to tour, but if you join as a member, there is a discount. One of the most beautiful times to visit the mansion is early December during Victorian Nights. The home is open for a candlelight tour and decorated for the holidays as it would have been at the turn of the last century. It is truly impressive. 
Jackson Mansion L2-1

Jackson Mansion 2015

Thank you to Gary and Johanna for their involvement with the Berwick Historical Society and dedication toward the  preservation of the Jackson Mansion. Also thanks to Kay for arranging a very interesting program.

Designing the Community you Want to Hang Your Hat In – Josh Nespoli

April 16, 2015 – Jodi Alley invited Josh Nespoli to speak with us. Josh is the grandson of former Rotarian, Joe Nespoi, Sr., and has many wonderful memories of attending Rotary meetings. He remembers coming to parent/child evening, enjoying the entertainment and being impressed by all the members and seeing the leaders of the community all in one room. To Josh, it was a big deal. And to his Pop Pop, Rotary was a big deal.

Josh Nespoli-1Josh is now an adult and wants Berwick to be a big deal. He has undertaken the task of interviewing Berwickians, a series of questions with the purpose of finding out their feelings on ‘Designing the Community You Want to Hang Your Hat In’.   Josh has a goal of 2,000 interviews and to date, he has completed 117, ranging in ages from 14 – 68. He would like to reach his goal by the end of the summer and is asking for assistance. He’d like to have the Berwick Rotary Club be a part of it. If anyone would like to help, you can contact Josh for an interview guide by emailing:

The purpose of the questionnaire is to help rebuild Berwick into a strong community. The last 15 years or more, our area has had a slow recession and Josh feels that it is possible for any town, anywhere to be rebuilt. However, it will take more than 1 or 2 people. It must be a community effort. So he’s trying to find out what’s positive now and build upon it. He wants future generations to have many fond memories, as well.

Some of the things Josh would like to know is, ‘What are we good at? What do you want us to look like? What are your wishes? And, what role can you play?

Once the interviews are completed, Josh hopes to form a committee and build a strategic plan, so there can be a common vision. He would like the plan to build momentum and perhaps work with the Blueprint Community,  the Columbia County Housing Authority and coordinate with local agencies, groups and businesses. This process has a proven track record. Longmont, Colorado, had success using this method and moved itself to one of the top 100 best places, in the country, to live. Josh is confident that Berwick can do the same thing. He’d like to use everyone’s  avenues toward the same end; a better and stronger Berwick. Can you help?

Many thanks to Jodi for arranging a very interesting program and also for inviting Josh’s brother, Marc to join us. Marc is the owner of Fuel Fitness in Berwick and also has many fond memories of his grandfather and Rotary.

Animal Chiropractics – Dr Maria McElwee

If you were unable to attend, you missed a very interesting program which pertained to Animal Chiropractics.

Our guest speaker was Dr. Maria McElwee, from Sugarloaf, PA. Dr. McElwee is a graduate of Bloomsburg University, Sherman College of Chiropractic, Boiling Springs, SC and Options for Animals, Wellsville KS.

Animal_Chiro-1It took quite a bit of education, but Maria is doing exactly what she always wanted to do.  Although she has no physical office, she offers a mobile service and will travel to help an animal in need.  Most of her patients are horses and dogs. Like humans, animals develop aches and pains and need an adjustment,  or a manipulation of the spine. The spine protects the central nervous system and when vertebrae become misaligned,  it can cause decreased performance, uneven walk or gait, refusal to jump, bucking, abnormal posture, licking of fur, favoring one side, etc.

Dr. McElwee adjusts only by hand and the animals benefit by living a healthier life with proper nerve function, promotes healing and function within the body and restores function and proper communication within the body.

Thanks to Dr. Tom Kowalchick for inviting Dr. McElwee to speak with us. 

Contact info. –

                        (570) 447-8388